05 September 2012

Testimonial from The Netherlands

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To: "azlan ghanie"
Cc: "Silat Melayu (Cikgu Angah)"

Salam abang Azlan. 

A few weeks ago, I gave your ST book to one of my students who was in hospital just before that, for surgery to his intestine. He lost many kilos in weight, and needed severe recovery. He slept during the day, walking up a stair made him so tired, he had to rest for several minutes etc. He came to my Silat class and just sat in a corner listning. I gave him the ST book and studied it for a couple of days and started to exercise. After 1 week he got so much energy again he stopped sleeping during the day, could visit places again and even started training again in regular Silat classes yesterday.

I promised him to thank you for this, so: terima kasih!!!

Say hello to my friends over there!

Yang benar,


Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab