22 Februari 2011

Senaman Tua - Another Satisfied Client!

"My name is Christopher K., and I am a humble student of Guro Jeff Davidson in the Filipino and Malaysian martial arts. Lately I had been experiencing some knee and joint stability issues, and thus approached Guro for some advice. At this point, I was introduced to Senaman Tua – the so-called “Old Exercises.” Guro Davidson related the history and effectiveness of Senaman Tua and how much it has helped him.

After learning a basic routine, I have found Senaman Tua to be extremely challenging yet almost profound in what it targets and accomplishes. Through the lower, core, and upper-body exercises I feel my fascia and tendon strength improving. Stability and sensitivity are also increasing. All of this in a martial arts/fitness context.

I have a good amount of experience in running and weight-lifting, and I believe they are important for general fitness and muscle stamina. Yet I now believe that Senaman Tua is even more important for the joint fascia and stability needed for greater physical sensitivity and martial prowess. Senaman Tua is the exercise regimen needed to prevent injury and to excel in movement. Even when compared to Yoga, I find it way more useful and beneficial.

Thanks for Senaman Tua!

Christopher K."

Sourced from http://balisongplayer.blogspot.com/2011/02/senaman-tua-another-satisfied-client.html

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Firdaus Abd Rahman berkata...

old exercise? huh... change it to ANCIENT EXERCISE... sound good huh?