15 Mac 2011

Senaman Tua saves another student!

"Dear Guro Davidson,

"I have to say that Senaman Tua has had a great impact on my joints - in a positive way. When you think in terms of most other martial arts and sports in general, the knee is always one of the first things to give as you get older. Knee problems can become like an old transmission that is breaking down.

"A few weeks ago one of your newer students very enthusiastically put me in a kuncian during training. I did not realize the danger until I went to move my foot in order to relieve the pressure of the lock. It took my mind a few seconds to realize that although my foot was not moving, my knee was nevertheless twisting as if it were. I gave a loud (but very manly) scream that was heard throughout the training hall. I could feel the ligaments in my knee twisting very unnaturally. I would compare it to thinking you had been shot.

"I reacted to the tearing of my knee as if it was destroyed. But I suddenly began to realize that the pain was rapidly subsiding. I was even able to get up after a few minutes and walk around. Within 3 days I was 95% and by the end of the week I was ready to go for my next private lesson - which I would not miss for the world.

"I really appreciate the benefit that Senaman Tua has had on my joints because I have twisted my knee like that in the past and it took me well over a month to recover.

"Your student,

Sourced from: http://balisongplayer.blogspot.com/2011/03/senaman-tua-saves-another-student.html

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