21 Mei 2010

Mesej dari pengamal Lok 9 dan ST di Afrika Selatan

"Salam Pesilat Pesilat semuanya,

Just a quick message. Ive been noticing the development of Senaman Tua and Guru Azlan's growing efforts to spread the good practice. He is making great strides and as a community of Pesilats, we should all wish him well with his endeavours.

"On the South African scene, the world cup is on our doorstep and I had to halt my efforts so that we dont have to be disturbed with it.

"Wish us well with a gradual re-establishment of Silat for our people over here. Both the practical and the teachings of Silat Philosophy is much needed around here and our efforts will not die.

"Takkan Silat Hilang di-Dunia!"

Nabeel Jackson Rhodes

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